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  • We are available to your organization for a first-person performance of one of our women who challenged and changed history.
  • We modify presentations when most suitable for children.
  • May we suggest a special program for your corporate or governmental meetings and educational functions.
  • Let us know if you have a special request. Developmental research for personalities take 6 months to a year, but in some circumstances, may be requested.
  • We serve the lower 48 states by individual contract.

American TEA Education Institute

  • Serving and education about tea, history, production, and etiquette have been privately provided to serious students since 1998
  • Available now to a broad audience by asynchronous internet learning
  • Register for coursework to be completed in 6-months or less under the guidance of Dr. Irene Nielsen, Certified Tea and Certified Tea and Etiquette Consultant
  • Dr. Nielsen is an entrepreneur of the tea industry, psychology, and graduate of both Tea Consultant and Washington School of Protocol (2000) as Tea and Etiquette Consultant
  • Initial text, Nielsen, I., (2018) Tea Time Together, Historical Echoes Press available on Amazon. Click image at right >
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