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Our regular, casual, fun, Afternoon Tea is a meal with sandwiches, scones, dessert and tea. Light Tea performances are served with one sandwich, scones, toppings and tea. Holiday Afternoon Tea serves up a festive tea menu, ambiance, and performance to remember. Consider this as an enriching afternoon with friends.
What a perfect gift to give and receive! Contact by e-mail or use our convenient contact form for:


  • We will be available to your organization for a first-person performance of one of our women who challenged and changed history.
  • We modify presentations when most suitable for children.
  • May we suggest a special program for your corporate or governmental meetings and educational functions.
  • Let us know if you have a special request. Developmental research for personalities take 6 months to a year, but in some circumstances, may be requested.
  • We serve the lower 48 states by individual contract.

Contact us to conduct a free interview and startup

The range of clients reaches small to medium size entities, including:

  1. Small businesses and not-for-profit organizations and associations
  2. Private professional practices such as medical, legal and accounting offices who may join a consortium for affordability and value added exposures
  3. Government contract (applications pending for Human Resource #541612)
  4. Individual and professional on-line learning with certification
  5. Areas of interest
    Additional areas for group presentations and discussions. Guided and presented by Irene Nielsen, PsyD (Doctor of Psychology), CNM (Certified Nurse Midwife), ChFC (Chartered Financial Consultant).
    1. Healthy laughter improves your immune system
    2. Personality, resiliency functions
    3. How to talk about sexuality with your children, older parents
      1. Respect your mind and body
      2. Contraceptives and choices with implications
      3. STDs
      4. Deciding or not to become a parent
      5. Remaining active in older years with protection from STDs
      6. Communication and intimacy (Sternberg's Triarchy of Love)
    4. Living with optimal aging
      1. Challenges
      2. Opportunities
      3. Creativity and personality

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